When they took him to the emergency room, doctors and parents were amazed at what they found behind his ear.

Although ticks are harmless bugs these parasites can often be quite harmful. In order to survive they consume blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and sometimes humans in order to survive.

Stephanie realised they was something wrong with her child when she went to his bedroom.

Her son, Colin is usually jumping around his room but his behaviour was a little different on this occasion.

Collin jus play in bed gazing up at Stephanie so she quickly called to her husband Dillon.

Dillon and Stephanie were shocked when they were were told that Colin had become paralyzed overnight when they brought their son to the emergency room. They thought the concussion was from banging his head before his brother’s baseball game.

Doctors said there were no signs of concussion as he was still able to communicate fairly well after the incident and was not exhibiting any symptoms.

Collins condition quickly deteriorated so he had further tests carried out. Dillon was devastated to witness Collin not being able to move.

He found it difficult to eat or drink., so he was transferred to a larger hospital when his oxygen levels started to drop.

Stephanie and Dillon knew that every minute counted for Collin and he had the best equipment available to him.

Once Collin was transferred, his parents were discovered that their son could have suffered a cardiac arrest if they had arrived any later. 

Eventually medics identified the problem as a little tick behind Collin’s ear.

His parents and the physicians had somehow missed it.Once the tick was removed he quickly returned to normal.

Despite the prevalence of tick bites, paralysis is a very uncommon illness brought on by insect saliva.

The medical professional described how the salivary glands of the tick contain a neurotoxic. This indicates that the neurotoxic was moving into Collin’s blood as the tick was feeding, which resulted in the paralysis.

Parents should learn from Collin’s condition to be cautious about their kids’ health.

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