This woman struggled for 12 hours to give birth, and she had a labor in which she almost died from PAIN! When the doctors saw what came out of her belly, they bowed down:

The story of an Australian woman giving birth to a gigantic baby—weighing 6 kilograms and measuring 60 centimeters—has made headlines around the world, sparking discussions and reactions on social media.

Thirty-seven-year-old Nina Tassel endured extremely challenging moments during labor but remained resilient and managed to deliver a healthy and exceptionally large baby boy. From his unusual size to the incredible efforts made by the medical team to assist in the birth, this story has captivated the attention of people worldwide.

A Normal Pregnancy and a Very Large Belly

The Australian woman’s pregnancy progressed normally, and the expectant mother did not encounter major difficulties.

However, Nina gained a significant amount of weight, and her belly was extremely large, which aroused the amazement and curiosity of many people. Despite its unusual dimensions, she successfully carried the pregnancy to term and eagerly anticipated the moment when she would hold her baby in her arms.

Home Birth and 12 Hours of Labor

After the labor began three days before the due date, Nina started experiencing contractions and was forced to give birth at home as she couldn’t reach the hospital in time.

However, this decision was not without challenges, and the entire medical team had to travel to her residence to assist her. For 12 hours, the woman endured excruciating pain, screamed, and experienced fainting spells, while everyone around her anxiously awaited the outcome.

An Exceptionally Large Baby and a Surprising Explanation

Even the doctors were astonished by the size of the baby boy who entered the world weighing 6 kilograms and measuring 60 centimeters, compared to the average newborn length of 51 centimeters.

However, they found a surprising explanation: Nina had gestational diabetes, a condition that can cause fetal overgrowth. Fortunately, both the baby boy and his mother are out of danger and recovering well.


The story of Nina Tassel and her gigantic baby has captured the attention of people worldwide. From the baby’s size and the difficulties faced by the mother during labor to the surprising explanation provided by the doctors, this story is both heartwarming and impressive.

Despite all the obstacles, Nina and her baby have successfully overcome this unique experience and are now safe and healthy.

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