This woman enjoyed a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy until she was warned that she would give birth to a baby with malformations

Like any other woman who wants a baby, Olesia was very happy to find out that she was pregnant and couldn’t wait to go through this experience that will bring her a baby. Such news is the most wonderful news that a woman who wants to have a child can receive.

Olesia went to every control that she had to do during the course of the pregnancy. Everything seemed to look very good and normal, until during one of the ultrasounds the doctors warned her that she would give birth to a baby with malformations.

The doctors told her that the baby’s hands are not developing, and the organs are enlarged. The parents were shocked to learn this news, but they never thought of giving up the baby because they wanted him very much.

The doctors were quite direct with the expectant mother and told her that she must realize that she will have to give special care to the baby for the rest of her life, and this can be too much of a commitment for any person.

The woman also remembers that she was told that she must think very carefully about the decision she makes because a disabled child will change her life forever because she will have to take care of the child permanently, and the child can feel different pains and will have to be constantly administered medication.

Olesia and Eugen, the parents of the baby, tried to refrain from answering these things and all they said was that their baby will be born and they will take care to give him everything he needs. The doctor told them that it is their choice if they want to spend their whole life this way, and then he gave them a paper with the ultrasound results to have proof that the parents were notified of the child’s health problems, so that there are no complaints in the future.

The parents were constantly thinking about how their child would be, but they moved on, and the months passed.

Eugen tried not to think too much about what the doctor said, especially because he didn’t want to worry his wife even more, so he decided to pass his time with something useful. Eugen started preparing the child’s room so that it would be ready when they returned with the baby from the hospital.

In December, the baby showed that he was ready to be born, so the two future parents went to the hospital impatiently, but also with many emotions to meet their child.

After 3 hours, Olesia gave birth to a girl, and her hands were whole. The doctor went to inform Eugen that his little girl was born and is completely healthy. Eugen was stuck when he heard the word “healthy”.

Nadejda, the baby, was completely healthy, but Olesia was diagnosed with a huge uterine fibroid.

The ultrasound malformations were actually caused by this condition. Olesia was operated immediately and unfortunately it was necessary to remove all female organs. However, these things no longer mattered because their little girl had just been born and she was perfect.

The two parents are very happy that they made the right decision.

Here is a picture of little Nadejda.

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