This Lady Is Married To One Of The Most Beautiful Actors In The World

It’s just that by now, we’re used to seeing certain Hollywood romance tropes repeatedly.

There are the young, cute couples who aren’t shy about promoting their blossoming romance on social media; the co-stars who have secret on-set affairs while being probed for adultery; and the old man in his sixties or seventies who is openly romancing a young, gorgeous woman half his age.

We observe these paradigms without questioning them and come to accept them as the standard.

Pierce Brosnan’s professional contemporaries, along with the general public, assumed he would finish dead last in this competition.h

Despite being a good fit, he boldly and creatively disproved all the assumptions being made about him.

He’s been married to Keely for twenty years, and they’ve been together long enough to start a family.

Their journey has been as romantic and passionate as anyone could have hoped, but poor Keely has been the target of unjustified and terrible hatred as of late.

Thankfully, Pierce managed to hold out. He defended his wife in front of the public and showed her how much he loved her despite the criticism. His actions lead us to the following conclusions:

Pierce, contrary to popular opinion, “loves every curve” of his wife’s body.

In 1994, Pierce met American journalist Keely Shaye Smith for the first time. His first wife Cassandra Harris died of ovarian cancer on December 28, 1991.

Pierce, who was left to raise three children on his own, was naturally distraught by her death and unsure of where to begin the healing process.

Having Keely in his life at the proper time gave him the boost he needed to embark on the challenging, yet rewarding, role of motherhood.

“Her friends offered her weight-loss surgery. However, I adore every curve in her physique. She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. Additionally, she gave birth to our five children,” says Pierce Brosnan.

They adopted Pierce’s two boys, Dylan and Paris, and tied the knot in 2001 in Pierce’s homeland.

They’ve been together for twenty wonderful years, and their love for one another has only deepened in that time.

Last week, Pierce gave his wife a touching 20th anniversary letter in which he wished her “Happy anniversary my dear Keely, my love forever increases with you” and included two photos of the couple taken 20 years apart to illustrate the wonderful development of their relationship.

The public constantly seems to find something negative to say about the couple, even though there is no reason for them to do so.

The hostility seems to be directed towards Keely’s physical appearance, especially her weight. The public at large appears to be startled and outraged

Pierce’s mistake was to marry an idealized version of his own age and physical attractiveness.

Someone who doesn’t fit the size 0 mold and has a normal body type rather than looking like a bombshell If he is so wealthy and powerful, why does he choose to marry a common woman who is apparently below his social status?

His feelings for her invalidate sexist views on the value of women.

It’s easy to forget that one might defy beauty standards by putting on weight. No one forces you to exist in a society where your success is measured by how well you blend in and how little of an impact you have on those around you.

Growing older means prioritizing different things, and you could find that you no longer need validation from others to feel secure in yourself.

Pierce has said that he likes Keely more for who she is than for how she looks.

If you’re serious about someone, you’ll be willing to change as they do and adapt your views as they develop.

If love were simple, we wouldn’t have spent millennia trying to figure it out.

Pierce revealed in an interview that several of their acquaintances had suggested that his wife get weight loss surgery, but the former James Bond is unwavering in his admiration for her in spite of her size.Copy

He is completely indifferent to the idle rantings of internet strangers about his girlfriend’s body, which he likes in all its imperfect glory.

Pierce went out of his way to say that he has always had a thing for Keely because of her sweet nature and generous spirit.

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