The baby had something sticking out of his face doctors are shocked when they found out what it was

Wandering around the net, especially on social networks, it is not uncommon to come across very particular stories which, although not recent, are shared even after a long time.

Just yesterday one of my facebook contacts shared the story of little Mya Whittington, a very strange story that would initially make the hoax scream but which, on the contrary, turned out to be true to the point of attracting media attention.


Mya Whittington hp

The affair took place in December 2012 in Hutchinson, a US city and capital of Reno County in Kansas.

The protagonist is precisely Mya Whittington, a little girl who at the time of the facts had not yet turned 7 months.

It was December 8, 2012 when Mya Whittington’s parents noticed an abnormal swelling on the little girl’s neck, in the area just below the jaw.

Worried, they decide to take the girl to the emergency room of the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center.

Once they arrive at the medical center, the diagnosis is quickly made: the doctors who visit it hypothesize that it is a swollen gland and are inclined to administer an antibiotic. The family is then sent home.

Later, after noticing a strange pimple appearing on the swollen area, which in the meantime had reached the size of a golf ball and a half, Mya Whittington’s grandmother takes the baby back to the hospital.

After seeing her, the doctor diagnoses a staph infection on her lymph nodes, administers another antibiotic, breaks the pimple and, with a marker, draws the outline of the swollen area so that it can then measure any growth or decrease.


And it is at this very moment that the strangeness occurs.

Mya Whittington: feather extracted from her neck

Left alone in the room, the child’s parents notice something quite like a stick sticking out of their daughter’s cheek. Not having received any intervention from the doctor, they decided to take her to their pediatrician.

During the further visit, the latter proceeded to extract the strange object from the girl’s cheek which was later revealed to be a black feather of 2 inches (about 5 centimeters).

Mya Whittington: feather extracted from her neck

The only plausible explanation that the doctors gave to the presence of that foreign body in little Mya’s cheek was the supposition that the little girl had long ago ingested or inhaled the feather which, after having remained for a long time placed between the neck and jaw. , was rejected from the body.

In fact, Emma, ​​mother of Mya Whittington, said in the course of the various interviews subsequently released that she had a feather pillow that, after the accident, she decided to throw away.

Fortunately, this strange episode did not have tragic consequences, the doctors decided not to intervene on the swollen area but to wait for it to heal by itself.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this story aroused a lot of curiosity, the Whittington spouses told their story in several national talk shows, including “Anderson Cooper Live” (the second video visible at the bottom of this writing – ed), and in a program the Japanese that in May of 2013 took a camera crew in Wichita, Kansas, who filmed and interviewed Aaron and Emma Whittington.

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