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Shania Twain, who is best known for her work in country music, has admitted that her stepfather molested and sexually assaulted her when she was a young child.

The event left Twain feeling furious and guilty, but she also had to learn how to defend her mother. The interview was conducted by The Sunday Times.

According to Twain’s attribution, she made an effort to conceal her femininity in order to avoid her stepfather’s notice.

The “unpleasant stuff” that was happening outside of her home and making her feel “ashamed” to be a woman led her to turn to music as a coping mechanism for her emotions.

When Twain was 22 years old, her mother and stepfather perished in a car crash. As a result, she was responsible for raising her younger siblings.

She began singing at a resort hotel to support her family, but she frequently struggled with the sense that she was being objectified.

Her career took off after the release of her breakthrough albums, among which Come On Over was one of the most well-liked. She quickly mastered how to feel at ease performing as a woman.

According to Twain, her wounds from childhood trauma have healed, and she is now more self-assured and unapologetic about being a woman.

She hopes that by sharing her tale, young women would be motivated to find the courage and sincerity they require within themselves. I was the kind of lady who made people feel uneasy when she entered the room by the time I signed my record contract. I was that woman.

My body language was quite obvious. She said, “And I think maybe what young females can learn to do as well is to emanate that confidence.”

Twain also discussed the upcoming release of her album The Queen of Me in February 2023. This topic was briefly discussed.

She claims that the album deals with the topics of self-acceptance and empowerment and serves as a reflection of her personal process of healing and development. She has high hopes that it would encourage others to accept their unique and real selves in all their splendor.

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