Rod Stewart needs your prayers

Three years after being diagnosed, Sir Rod Stewart announced that he had successfully overcome prostate cancer.

This statement was made by the 74-year-old man during his speech at a charitable function. He said that in February 2016 during a normal physical examination, he was diagnosed and that in July, he entered remission.

He said, “No one knows this, but I felt it was time I let everyone know.” He asserted that nobody is aware of this. “I’m clean and free right now because I caught the problem when it was still a minor one. I’ll soon be taking a number of exams.

Stewart exclaimed to the male audience members, “Guys, you really need to get to the doctor. It won’t harm to stick your finger up your keister.

Together with Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones from The Faces, Stewart attended the event to promote The Prostate Project and The European Tour Foundation.

Tim Sharp, head of the Prostate Project, claimed in a recent interview with The Mirror that “experience has proven what a significant difference high-profile celebrities can make when they ‘come out’ about their cancer.” Two excellent instances are the disclosures made by Bill Turnbull and Stephen Fry regarding their fights against prostate cancer.

There is no reason to believe that Sir Rod’s choice to publicly declare his intention to combat cancer won’t have the same effect.

Fry had surgery to treat his prostate cancer after being given the diagnosis in 2017. He stated earlier this year that he had “dodged a bullet” after the illness was discovered during a regular check-up.

In the UK, one in every eight men will eventually be told they have prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is thus the most typical type of cancer in men. Over the age of 50, men are more likely than women to be affected by the illness. Since the indications and symptoms of prostate cancer are not always visible, like with most cancers, it is imperative to undergo regular exams.

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