Prayers are needed. Mia Robertson to undergo her 14th surgery…

The Duck Dynasty actors Jase and Missy Robertson are keeping their fingers crossed that their daughter Mia’s upcoming 14th operation will be her last.

After receiving treatment earlier in the month of July, the young adult is now recuperating at home and leading a regular life.

Mia has undergone a total of thirteen surgeries in an effort to correct the cleft lip and palate she was born with. Mia, on her own initiative, established the Mia Moo Fund in order to assist in making certain that each and every child has the opportunity to wear a smile on their face at some point in their lives.

The rest of the family has been very transparent about the long and difficult path they’ve traveled in order to get to this point.

A few days before Mia was scheduled to undergo surgery on July 8, her mother Missy posted a message on Instagram titled “People ask me, ‘How many more operations does Mia have left?’” “There is never any other response than ‘We just don’t know,’”

On her Instagram feed, Mia expressed a more positive outlook, stating, “I really hope that this will be the last time I have to visit my physicians in their office!

Although it was a difficult journey, we have finally arrived at our destination.”

The spring of 2021 marked the time for Mia’s thirteenth surgical procedure. Her mother reports that a tremendous amount of progress has been made moving ahead in the situation.

“Now that she is 18, she is taking charge of all of the conversations and the completion of the medical forms. It has been very peculiar, to say the least “Missy has been writing. “But this is just another lesson that I can’t rely on myself and that I need to lean on the Lord,” she said.

On the podcast that Jase Robertson hosts, Unashamed, he has recently discussed not only his daughter Mia but also his entire family. Jase Robertson is presently hosting the podcast. In the end, it was him who broke the news to everyone that she had made a full recovery, saying so on July 9 “The duration of the surgery was slightly longer than anticipated, but now she is at home and resting.

We are grateful that you have prayed for both her and for our family. She is a winner in every way!”

Additionally, Missy Robertson kept her followers on Instagram informed about a different aspect of her family life: the arrival of her new child.

She and her husband came to an agreement in March to become the legal guardians of an infant whose biological mother was deemed unfit to care for the child. She had indicated at that time that the guardianship would not be a short one. As of the 25th of June, she was still being cared for by the couple.

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