Our thoughts and prayers are with Janet Jackson during this difficult times

It’s possible that Janet Jackson’s health is worse than what’s been initially reported. The 49-year-old Janet had to cancel her Unbreakable tour after months of rescheduling shows, citing a need for surgery. But as of late, sources indicate that she is undergoing tests for throat cancer.

Despite the potentially serious health scare, the insider told RadarOnline that Janet is hopeful about returning on the road later this year. “Janet stated she knows that with prayers and her will, she’ll be back out on the road in the spring or early summer,” the insider added.

Doctors have now, unfortunately, cautioned Janet that if she is fighting cancer then she might be left unable to sing. Janet previously canceled gigs in October to rest her voice. Although testing does not conclusively prove that the singer has cancer, we are optimistic that the results will be negative.

God forbid that this be laryngeal cancer, Dr. Stuart Fischer said in a statement to the site. She wouldn’t be able to perform again after that. It would be impossible to sing.

“Months of radiation therapy would follow the complicated surgery.”

Typical signs of throat cancer include:

Having trouble swallowing is referred to as dysphagia.
voice alteration sore throat
Unaccounted-for weight loss

Eye, jaw, throat, or neck swelling
bleeding via the nose or from the mouth
persistent cough
Some throat cancer symptoms are localized to particular body parts. Changes in your voice, for instance, may signal laryngeal (voice box) cancer but infrequently pharyngeal cancer.

There are various forms of throat cancer, including:

The nasopharynx, the area of the throat directly below your nose, is where nasopharyngeal carcinoma first appears.
The oropharynx, which is the area of your throat just behind your mouth where your tonsils are located, is where oropharyngeal cancer first appears.

The lower portion of your throat, right above your esophagus and windpipe, is where hypopharyngeal cancer, also known as laryngopharyngeal cancer, first appears.
In the vocal cords is where glottic cancer starts.

Supraglottic carcinoma, which affects the epiglottis, a piece of cartilage that prevents food from entering your windpipe, starts in the top part of the larynx.

The lower part of your voice box, below your vocal cords, is where subglottic cancer starts.

A pain or lump that won’t go away, a chronic sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and voice changes ar

e just a few of the symptoms that might affect the mouth, sinuses, nose, or throat.

Through social media, Janet has received prayers and thoughts from fans all across the world.

You have our prayers, Janet. Get well quickly!

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