Married or NOT you must read this… You will be shocked..

I got home and while my wife was serving me dinner, I took her hand and said “I have to confess something to you”. He sat down and continued to eat slowly. During this time I was looking at her and I couldn’t help but notice the pain in her eyes.

My wife lost her place in my heart, it was taken away by another woman. Yes, I no longer loved my wife, I loved another woman. I had nothing but pity for my wife.

So, with a feeling of guilt, I drafted a divorce deed by which I leave the house and 30% of our business to my wife. When she saw it, my wife tore it into pieces and started screaming.

The idea of a divorce was more and more clear to me.
The next day when I got home – it had been a long and tiring day, but happy because I had spent it with the woman I had fallen in love with – my wife was in the kitchen writing something.
I didn’t ask what, I went straight to bed.

In the morning, when I woke up, my wife presented the divorce conditions to me. He didn’t want anything from me, he didn’t want me to leave him anything,

instead, he asked me to wait just one more month before getting a divorce. A month in which we behave as if nothing had happened.
Her argument was a very plausible one

A whole month of tests was waiting for our son and we shouldn’t bother him with our problems and especially tell him that we were going to divorce. There was also a second condition… My wife asked me to take her in my arms and carry her to our room just like the day we got married. It had been some time since we had not made love.

I accepted. Right before I entered the room, my wife was in my arms, I heard my son from behind shouting “Daddy, hold Mommy in your arms!”. His words caused me a lot of pain.

The days that followed were somewhat more relaxing. The next day when I came home from work, my wife put her head on my chest. I looked at her like I hadn’t in a long time. I analyzed her blouse, her skin, the smell of her skin, her hair…

I saw that it had some white threads. I realized that this bothered me. However, she was the woman who had given me 10 years of her life. I suddenly felt affection. This condition continued to grow in the following days. I didn’t mention anything about the second woman.

As she had asked me, every evening I carried her in my arms to our room. I almost didn’t even feel its weight anymore. One morning he was looking in the dresser and didn’t know what to wear. All her dresses were way too big. Then I realized that she was very weak!

I had caused so much pain in her soul. “daddy, today you didn’t carry mommy in your arms”. My son’s words pierced my heart. His mother’s carat had become part of his everyday life.

I started to be afraid because I was no longer so sure about the divorce. I took my wife’s hand involuntarily, she kissed me on the forehead and I felt like the day we got married

On the last day of the month that my wife had asked me to do, I hugged her tightly and held her tight. She was so weak… I immediately got into the car, drove like a madman to the woman for whom I was going to leave my family and told her that I no longer wanted a divorce.

I told him that I loved my wife and I didn’t want to part with her. I understood that the lack of attraction came from the routine we had entered, that boredom of every household that prevents us from noticing those small details in life that make us happy. My mistress slammed the door in front of me. I didn’t care, I got in the car and ran to a flower shop.

The lady who sold flowers asked me what to write on the ticket. I told him to write “I will carry you in my arms until death do us part”. I drove like a madman to the house and went up to our room. I found my wife in bed, dead. My wife was suffering from cancer and was fighting alone with the disease for a long time. I was too busy with a second woman to realize that. On the other hand, my wife knew. That’s exactly why he asked me to postpone the divorce for a month. He did it for our son. At least for him my image remained spotless. Our child will be left with the idea of a loving husband and father.

What I want you to learn from my sad story is that nothing material will bring us happiness. It doesn’t matter the house, the car, the money in the account. Really important are those small details that we end up ignoring. Focus on the small but beautiful things in your marriage, fight for your marriage, read this story as many times as you need, but always save your marriage.

Whether you are already married or about to be, take note of what I have shared with you

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