Late Night Encounter

One stormy night, a husband and wife were peacefully sleeping when they were abruptly woken up by a loud pounding on their front door.

Startled, the husband looked out the bedroom window and noticed an unfamiliar car parked on the street. Intrigued yet cautious, he decided to investigate.

A Husband And Wife Are Awoken

Braving the pouring rain, the husband opened the door to find a disheveled stranger standing before him, clearly inebriated.

The stranger urgently requested assistance, asking for a push. Without hesitation, the husband refused, exclaiming, “Not a chance!

Do you have any idea what time it is? Get lost!” He promptly closed the door, annoyed by the interruption, and returned to bed.

Curious about the commotion, the wife inquired, “Who was that at the door?” Annoyed, the husband grumbled, “Just some drunk guy asking for a push.” The wife persisted, questioning why her husband hadn’t helped.

She reminded him about a time, three months prior, when they were stranded and two kind strangers came to their aid. Her words struck a chord, forcing the husband to reconsider his decision.

Realizing his mistake, the husband sighed and muttered, “You’re right. I should be ashamed of myself.” Reluctantly, he got dressed and headed downstairs, preparing to face the harsh rain and lend a hand.

Emerging into the dark, the husband called out, “Hello? Are you still there?” To his relief, a voice responded, “Yes!”

Eager to follow through on his change of heart, the husband asked, “Do you still need a push?” The voice confirmed their need for assistance, replying, “Yes, please!” Curiosity piqued, the husband questioned the stranger’s whereabouts.

With a mischievous tone, the drunk unmistakably declared, “Over here on the swing set!”

The lesson learned? Kindness can come unexpectedly, even from the unlikeliest of people.

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