Just turned 25, Paris Jackson reveals how Michael Jackson actually was as a father

The second child of the late, legendary artist Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has been a public personality since she was a young child.

Since the passing of her father, Paris has experienced a number of challenges in her life. The young lady is currently pursuing her own musical career, though.

Despite her life’s ups and downs, she has made the decision to finally talk about growing up with her father, the “King of Pop.”

Michael Jackson may possibly go unnoticed by everyone except the most ignorant.

Michael Jackson known as the “King of Pop”

You are aware that people don’t refer to you as “The King of Pop” casually. Unfortunately, the late singer’s life was not as happy as the songs he produced.

Michael had a challenging home life from the moment he started performing with his siblings in the Jackson Five. His father had a strict parenting style and was quick to punish his kids.

One could argue that Michael Jackson was a finished product, a person whose very DNA was designed to make him a successful performer and vocalist. The unquestionable genius of his singing, dancing, and songwriting is not diminished by this, though.

Michael Jackson’s tragic death in 2009 was lamented all across the world. For the duration of his life, he was trailed by paparazzi and tabloid journalists, and they didn’t stop until he was ultimately laid to rest.

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson


Helicopters transporting his remains from the hospital in Los Angeles were followed by media helicopters. Publications all across the world are still running stories about Michael Jackson and his family.

Due to the high demand for Jackson’s family images, the paparazzi have particularly been focusing on his children.

Paris Jackson, the second child of Michael Jackson, has grown up in the spotlight. Instead of being known only as Michael Jackson’s daughter, she is now making a concerted effort to establish herself as a unique individual.

She is actually doing fairly well after years of mental illness.

In earlier years of Paris Jackson

The Jackson family’s youngest child, Paris Jackson, was born in California on April 3, 1998. She is the only daughter and second child of Michael Jackson.

She and her brother were both homeschooled until the sixth grade, thus she spent her childhood alone. Michael Jackson and his kids guarded their privacy fiercely. In earlier photographs, Michael’s children are frequently shown dressed up or with scarves covering their eyes.

Paris and her siblings lived a fairly restricted life on the Neverland Ranch as a result. No one can argue that they enjoyed many advantages, but they also had to endure hardships.

In a video chat with supermodel Naomi Campbell, Paris Jackson talked about her father and childhood.

She stated that their “cultured” childhood was impacted by Michael Jackson.

“My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated, and not just showing us like the glitz and glam, like hotel hopping, five-star places,” Paris remarked.

“We saw everything, too, was another thing. Third-world countries were visible. We observed the entire spectrum.

Recounts her experiences and memories from her early existence.

Paris Jackson’s childhood was spent traveling a lot while her father, Michael Jackson, gave concerts for adoring crowds all over the world.

She thinks fondly of her “privileged” background. Early on, Paris also encouraged her not to have an entitlement mentality. Her father instilled in his children the value of striving for your goals.

Even as a child, earning things was the focus, according to Paris. “We had to read five novels if we wanted five toys from FAO Schwarz or Toys ‘R’ Us.

She continued, “It’s earning it, not just thinking ‘Oh I got this’ or being entitled to certain things. “It’s like working for it, working really hard for it; it’s something else entirely, and it’s an accomplishment.”

When Paris was only 11 years old, her father passed away unexpectedly.

Michael Jackson’s tragic death

On June 25, 2009, the “King of Pop” suffered a heart arrest at home and abruptly passed very shortly after being transported to the hospital. Paris and her brothers are deemed to be the property of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, in accordance with Michael’s will.

At her father’s memorial service, which was televised worldwide, 11-year-old Paris gave a speech.

She said, “Dad has been the best father you could ever hope forever since I was born.” And I just wanted to say how much I adore him.

Paris watched the memorial service on television with her brothers Prince Michael (age 12) and Prince Michael II (age 7). The general public finally got to view Jackson’s children at that point.

When they went to the Grammy Awards in January 2010 to accept their late father’s posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award, they made a comeback in the public eye.

Life of Paris Jackson after “Neverland”

In November of that same year, Paris appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to rave about her amazing father.

She said to Winfrey, “I kind of felt like no one appreciated what a terrific father dad was, he was the finest cook ever. “He was just your average dad,”

Paris said, “He made the best French toast in the world.”

After Michael Jackson’s passing, Paris Jackson and her grandmother Katherine Jackson allegedly moved into a mansion in Calabasas, California.

When she reached 19, Michael Jackson’s private studio in the family home was converted into a dormitory.

It’s difficult enough to lose your dad. Nevertheless, it meant so much more to Paris. She was now expected to carry on her father’s work.

I attempted to mature too quickly.

As the seventh grade got underway, Paris decided to pursue a private education. Up until this time, only the older children had accepted her for who she was, and even then, things weren’t always smooth.

“I was engaging in a number of activities inappropriate for 13-, 14-, and 15-year-olds. She admitted to Rolling Stone, “I tried to mature too quickly and wasn’t actually that pleasant of a person.

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