Is My Reaction Justified after My Adult Stepdaughter and Her Kids Made a Mess of Our Home?

A wife shared her family dilemma on Reddit, seeking advice on a situation that has caused tension between her and her stepdaughter.

The OP’s stepdaughter, Trudi, moved in with her and her husband after facing financial problems. While the OP understood the need for help, she found it difficult to cope with the mess caused by Trudi and her children.

The OP and her husband got married when Trudi was 22 years old, and she is now 36.

Their relationship has always been somewhat turbulent, as Trudi had her own mother and was a responsible adult living independently. However, unforeseen circumstances brought them under the same roof.

Living in a high tourist area, the OP had kept her old apartment for short-term rentals. When Trudi and her family needed support, they agreed that Trudi would move into the vacant apartment after the holidays.

The arrangement was for Trudi’s family to sign a lease, but no rent would be collected initially, allowing them to build up rental history and save money.

However, living with Trudi has not been an easy experience for the OP. She has noticed that Trudi doesn’t clean up after herself or her children.

In contrast, Trudi’s husband puts in more effort to keep the house clean, even when he is exhausted from working long hours.

The OP wonders if her reaction to the messy living situation is justified. She seeks guidance on how to handle this delicate situation without further straining their relationship.

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