Is 80-year-old Joe Biden really fit for four more years?

After 80-year-old President Joe Biden announced his reelection campaign, medical professionals questioned his fitness to serve another term.

They worry that Biden, who would be 86 at the end of a second presidency, is already showing signs of ‘cognitive impairment’ and that the stress of another presidency could worsen his condition and increase the likelihood of an on-screen accident.

The President’s first term has been distinguished by high-profile gaffes, mishaps, and apparent disorientation, including stumbling up Air Force One’s steps and falling off his bike in Delaware.

Biden’s annual physical identified seven issues, including a heart condition that causes dizziness and confusion. He had two brain aneurysms.

‘If I were his geriatrician, I would discourage him from campaigning,’ Dr. Elena Mucci told It’s strongly discouraged.

Dr. Mucci added: ‘If you were to survey healthcare professionals, geriatricians, cardiologists, I don’t think you will find a single physician who would say it’s a good thing for an 86-year-old with the symptoms he’s demonstrated to us already to become a president, both for his own health and for his country.’

Biden has had atrial fibrillation since 2003. Eliquis, apixaban, treats his heart problem.

According to Dr. Mucci, atrial fibrillation’s symptoms include fatigue.

That will limit his activity—he may not be able to accomplish all his duties. It’s impossible at that age.

Biden has had atrial fibrillation since 2003. Eliquis, apixaban, treats his heart problem.

According to Dr. Mucci, atrial fibrillation’s symptoms include fatigue.

That will limit his activity—he may not be able to accomplish all his duties. It’s impossible at that age.

He denied being too old and psychologically unfit be president last year. “Watch me,” he told CBS’s Scott Pelley.

Dr. Mucci said people often downplay cognitive issues.

‘Whether you’re about to lose your presidency, your driving license, or your work, subjectively, you will be under-appreciating your symptoms and not putting enough importance to those symptoms,’ she said.

‘I think [Biden] knows exactly what is going on, but he’s not officially acknowledged it because he doesn’t want to lose the presidency.’

Dr. Dung Trinh, a California internist, says Biden’s health concerns and age increase his dementia risk.

‘As we age, we lose roughly one percent of our brain volume per year,’ he told

In five years, a 70-year-old’s risk of Alzheimer’s doubles.

30–40% of people in their mid 80s, 85, or older have modest cognitive deterioration.

Delaware mental health expert Dr. Todd Grande stated Biden’s ‘performance in the areas of logic and memory are deteriorated.’

Dr. Grande added: ‘It’s hard to understand how he is fit to be president under these conditions.’

In February, Biden’s doctor granted him a near-clean bill of health despite rising worries about his mental state.

In a five-page assessment, he called the President a ‘healthy, strong, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully discharge the functions of the Presidency’.

The embarrassing gaffes continue. In a speech in Ireland last month, Biden, who boasts of his Irish roots, accidentally mentioned British soldiers that tortured Irish people instead of a New Zealand rugby club.

Biden usually laughs off his mistakes. “Gaffe machine” in 2018.

Dr. Mucci thinks they indicate worsening.

Is this healthy aging? Or pre-dementia, modest cognitive impairment. Time will tell, she said.

If he’s aging, he’ll decline slowly. It’s inevitable. Mild cognitive impairment will accelerate memory loss.

10–15% of mild cognitive impairment patients get dementia.

She added that being a successful president at such an advanced age is difficult, even if the slips of the tongue are not a symptom of a problem.

I doubt he’ll be a good leader.

It’s inevitable that [he] will have to make very crucial judgments in a flash, under pressure, in a short time.

‘Someone who is 80 plus and having all these age-related brain changes might not have the brain processing speed to interpret, process, and assimilate the information rapidly enough to make vital decisions. That’s plain sense, not ageism.

“He might not have dementia or mild cognitive impairment,” she said. That rank requires sharpness despite natural aging. In his position, forgetting things is unacceptable.

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