In Heaven, a dialogue between two women leads to a humorous conclusion.

Have you ever had a conversation that abruptly seemed to “turn south”? Many of us may begin one of these talks in a completely regular way, but as the chat goes on, things frequently get out of hand rapidly. That is especially true as we start to have a better understanding of the viewpoint of the other party. This joke demonstrates that it doesn’t just occur here; it illustrates what happens when two women converse after they pass away. You’ll eventually start laughing aloud.

In Heaven, two women were conversing.

hello Sylvia! Your death method.

The cold killed me.

The other woman responded, “How horrible!”

Sylvia said, “It wasn’t that bad.”

I stopped shivering and started to feel comfortable and tired. I eventually passed away quietly. How are you doing?

Second woman: I had a fatal heart attack.

I came home early so that I might catch my spouse in the act since I thought he was cheating. Instead, I discovered him alone in the den watching TV.

First lady: So, what transpired?

Second woman: I began frantically searching the entire home since I was so certain that there was another woman there somewhere.

I quickly ran up there to look around. I quickly entered the basement after that.

After that, I looked inside each closet and under each bed. I persisted with this till I had searched everywhere!

I finally collapsed with a heart attack and passed away from exhaustion.

You should have checked the freezer, said the first woman. We would both be alive.

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