In an emotional homage to his “best friend,” Franco Columbu, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Franco Columbo, with whom Arnold Schwarzenegger co-starred in several movies and whom he regarded as his best friend, receives an emotional tribute from Schwarzenegger.

One of Arnold’s closest friends was the actor and bodybuilder Franco, who was from Italy.

Franco and Arnold collaborated on a number of movies, including Terminator. Together, they worked out and exercised in both Italy and the United States.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco’s family are in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time.

He claims that the bodybuilder who was his “partner in crime” and died at the age of 78 made his life “more complete.”

Italian actor and bodybuilder Franco Columbu passed away at the age of 78. In a poignant social media ode, Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to him as his “best friend.”

The two actors co-starred in movies like The Terminator, The Running Man, and Conan the Barbarian. Columbu was a two-time Mr. Olympia.

The Associated Press said that he fell unwell while swimming in the ocean and died at a hospital in his native Sardinia.

The 72-year-old Hollywood veteran posted pictures of himself and his Italian friend at various points in their lives on Instagram as an homage to their friendship.

In a poignant ode posted on Instagram, the actor and former governor of California said Columbus made his life “happier, more colorful, and richer.”

But I’m also appreciative of our friendship and fun-filled 54 years together.

Schwarzenegger wrote of Columbu, “You were my partner in crime from the day we met in Munich.”

“I requested that Joe Weider bring you to training with me because I knew that I wouldn’t be the same without my best friend.”

I could manage without my parents or money, but not without you.

In order to make ends meet, Columbu and Schwarzenegger started the bricklaying business European Brick Works in 1969, according to an interviewer who spoke with him.

Schwarzenegger denied it, but that was allegedly before the candidate had a legitimate work visa.

He thanked Columbu for their friendship and the “54 years of joy we shared” in a statement, adding that he was “devastated” by his passing.

He wrote, “We did everything together, the pumps, the chess games, the building work, the lunches, the practical jokes, and the life teachings.

“Through learning and love, we grew together.”

The only heirs of Columbu are his daughter Maria and his wife Debbie.

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