he old woman remained in a coma for a month, and the dog would always come to her bedside. Her first words after waking up shocked everyone, here’s what she revealed about the dog: “It whispered to me that…” — Her first words after waking up.

There are numerous stories about animals that are always devoted to their beloved owners, ready to

constantly search for them regardless of their condition, capable of protecting them even if it means risking their own lives.

One such story is about the woman in the picture, Francisca Romero.

She is a beautiful 70-year-old woman who, at a certain point in her life, fell into a deep coma.

Despite the doctors’ best efforts, they eventually gave up because they believed the patient’s chances of recovery were very slim.

However, it seems that a cute little white puppy had a different opinion about her healing!

The puppy would come to her owner every day and embrace her for 2-3 hours.

The huge surprise for everyone came when, after a month, the woman woke up one morning and her first words were:

“Where is that little white angel who came every day and whispered in my ear that everything would be fine?”

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