Grandma Finally Decides to Break Open That Rock She’s Had for 45 Years…

We have so many expectations in our life, both big and small. And the sad truth is, despite what you hear in songs and on TV, we don’t always want to get what our heart desires.

But it happens to everyone and living with it is one sign of maturity.

Here’s a woman that picked up a sandstone ball 45 years ago and has held onto it all this time. She’s an amateur paleontologist (a studier of fossils) and she’s hoping there’s an ammonite inside that looks something like the image above.

Or maybe it has a geode, that would look something like the image below.

But it turn out Grandma is not greedy and she’ll take pretty much any fossil that it contains. She works and works with a geologist’s hammer, working along the natural cracks of the stone:

“If you just haul off and whack, whatever’s in there is not gonna come out in any shape at all.”

So she works and works, with her extended family watching–the anticipation is building, and…. Watch the full video below to see what she finds and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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