Catherine Zeta-Jones struggles to control her tears.

Sadly, actor Treat Williams died after a terrible motorbike accident. Numerous celebrities have expressed their sympathies to his family on social media.

In a statement on Monday, June 13, his agent, Barry McPherson, stated that the 71-year-old had passed away as a result of the incident.

One of the first to pay respect to the late actor was John Travolta, who recalled their Broadway experiences in the performances of Over Here and Grease.

“Treat Williams and I got our start together in NYC playing in two Broadway plays, Grease and Over Here,” the author claims in his piece.

I apologize greatly, treat. I’m thinking about you and your family. We’ll remember you. Regards, John.

Williams and Catherine Zeta-Jones both starred in the 1996 film The Phantom. Zeta-Jones posted a still from the film along with the short message “R.I.P. Dearest Treat Williams.”

In the 1999 television movie 36 Hours to Die, Kim Cattrall co-starred with the deceased actor and father of two, and she tweeted, “I’m in shock!”

Greetings, Treat. Pam, Gille, Ellie, and the family have my condolences. a friend and a brilliant actress.

Sharon Stone provided a screenshot of a news story reporting his passing along with the comment, “Sad news, rest in peace, brother.”

The co-star of Robin Williams in the film Everwood, Emily VanCamp, wrote on Instagram, “The countless times we worked together was always amazing and I was always thrilled for the next time. Treat, please accept my heartfelt condolences for your family. My friend, get moving.

Mark Hamill co-starred with him as an uncredited storm base warrior in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and he shared a photo from the scene with the caption, “Just got the tragic news that the world has lost @Rtreatwilliams. A truly beautiful individual, talented actor, and cherished friend. I’m in pain. #RIP_Pal.”

In the epic criminal drama from 1984 in which Treat also acted, James Woods said, “Treat and I spent months filming Once Upon a Time in America in Rome.”

His unwavering good humor and sense of humor were a blessing, even if it might be lonely on the road after a long shoot. I developed a strong bond with him and am heartbroken by his passing. #TreatWilliams, RIP.

Billy Baldwin wrote a lengthy ode to the superstar in which he lauded his brilliance, talent, humor, charisma, success, good looks, and compassion. the expression “a golden heart.”

He went on to say, “A tragic loss. He was a passionate supporter of social justice and environmental preservation. We’ll remember you. Treat, rest in peace.

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