Cafe Owner Forced to Close After Complaints About Bacon Smell

In a surprising turn of events, Emma Ayles, a 47-year-old cafe owner, has been forced to shut down her beloved cafe due to complaints from three neighbors.

The main issues raised were the smell of bacon and the noise of clinking teacups.

This unfortunate closure has left eight people unemployed and Emma devastated, especially considering it happened just before Christmas.

The Caddy Shack Cafe, located in Dorset and collaboratively set up with the Weymouth and Portland Rugby Club, was initially established in April 2022.

Emma converted a metal shipping container into a cozy cafe and operated temporarily on the rugby club’s land while seeking permanent planning permission.

The cafe quickly became a local favorite, attracting a diverse group of patrons, including walkers, school children, and disabled individuals on mobility scooters. It served as a gathering place that fostered a sense of community and made everyone feel welcome.

However, in October 2022, the peace was disrupted when three nearby residents complained about the “noise and odor” coming from the establishment.

These complaints led to Dorset Council rejecting Emma’s retrospective planning permission application in February. Despite her appeal, the decision remained unchanged, leaving Emma with no choice but to close her business.

Emma expressed her frustration, sharing how stressful it had been to battle against the potential closure week after week. She had to break the devastating news to her employees just before Christmas, which was heart-wrenching. Emma expressed her disbelief, saying, “Nobody understands why they have closed us down. Everyone is flabbergasted.”

The complaints pointed out the “smell of bacon” and the sounds of “teaspoons and teacups” as sources of disturbance. Emma finds these objections ridiculous, as the prevailing wind typically carried any bacon scent away from the complainants’ homes. She humorously asked, “What do they want us to do, use chocolate teacups so there is no sound?”

Emma also criticized the council’s decision, highlighting the negative impact on her loyal customers, especially the students from Wyvern School and disabled individuals who found the cafe accessible for their mobility scooters. She stated, “I just feel bad for the community as groups met at the cafe every day.”

The Weymouth and Portland Rugby Club, disappointed with the judgment’s consequences for both players and the local community, appealed the planning decision. They acknowledged the challenges faced by small businesses in the current economic climate and expressed gratitude to the cafe’s loyal customers for their support.

This closure has caused outrage on social media, with many expressing disbelief at the complaints and subsequent actions. Individuals like Kati Eastwood sarcastically commented on the complaints, while Jon Fells lamented the closure and praised the cafe.

This controversial incident raises important questions about balancing support for local businesses and addressing residents’ concerns. It remains to be seen if any further actions will be taken to address the situation or if there will be a reevaluation of the decision to close The Caddy Shack Cafe.

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