Brooke Shields Recalls Her 1980 Barbara Walters Interview, Claiming “It’s Almost Illegal”

In the early 1980s, a Calvin Klein ad with Brooke Shields made a lot of noise because it was suggestive and risqué.

“Nothing stands between my Calvins and me,” Shields famously said, evoking images of her when she was young and beautiful.

Shields has established herself as one of history’s most well-known actors and models.

In the controversial Calvin Klein ad, her look made her look like a symbol of bravery who wasn’t afraid to go against the usual rules and expectations of women’s fashion.

Brooke appeared in a commercial at the age of 15 that made such a stir that it was finally banned in some countries. Brooke’s sole line in the advertisement was viewed as sexually provocative. What is the source of the debate?

This encounter would plague her for years, notably when she was interviewed by Barbara Walters – a circumstance Brooke now views as ‘practically criminal.’

Brooke has recently utilized her experiences to shed light on how the media frequently oversexualize young actors and models. Her modeling work with Calvin Klein is an example of this exploitation.

Even after all these years, Brooke feels strongly about these issues and is determined to bring them to light for future generations.

Brooke found herself in an unexpected circumstance during an interview with Barbara Walters. To her disappointment, the journalist asked inappropriate questions about her age, such as her size and whether she had kept secrets from her mother.

Brooke was upset by the incident, claiming that it went beyond journalism and may be considered punishable.

She thought the journalist was inappropriate to ask intrusive questions that made her awkward when she was only 15 years old.

Brooke spoke out about the commotion after her candidacy was made public in October 2021. Despite being out of the country at the time, she said that she faced a barrage of criticism and judgment upon her return.

The paparazzi pursued her and her mother, crying, “How could you!” in shock. Brooke didn’t mean to be mean when she wrote the statement that caused the uproar, but she was too young to realize that it had a sexual meaning.

Furthermore, Brooke was unaware of any hidden meaning of a virgin then.

Brooke Shields and her mother caused controversy in 1980 with a Calvin Klein commercial that was eventually prohibited, but it became an iconic campaign.

Even though people said hurtful things and were critical of the mother-daughter team, their hard work paid off when the lingerie line became more popular than Calvin Klein pants.

Brooke explained how the company had effectively pushed limits, noting that the criticism around them had only increased interest in their brand.

Calvin Klein has become known for its daring commercial campaigns and refusal to withdraw from any potential reaction. As a result of their provocative attitude, they have achieved celebrity and reputation.

Calvin Klein has faced criticism and censure for decades for their daring advertising campaigns starring Brooke Shields, which frequently played with the lines of being seductive but not crossing the line into inappropriateness.

Nonetheless, their willingness to be bold and push limits has proven to be one of the essential aspects of keeping them relevant in the fashion business.

Calvin Klein’s willingness to engage in controversy has enabled them to stand out and gain customer attention

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