A Play Date and Curious Questions

A mother is driving her daughter to her friend’s house for a play date. The little girl begins her inquisitive nature by asking her mother about her age.

However, the mother gently reminds her that it’s impolite to ask a lady about her age.

Unfazed, the little girl then asks about her mother’s weight, only to receive the same response – personal questions are off-limits.

But that doesn’t deter the little girl’s curiosity. She persists and asks her mother the ultimate question: why did she and daddy get a divorce?

Sensing frustration, the mother ends the line of questioning, leaving the little girl seeking answers.

Later, during the play date, the little girl confides in her friend about her mother’s unwillingness to share any information.

To the little girl’s surprise, her friend offers a unique solution – her mother’s driver’s license. According to her friend, it’s like a report card that reveals everything.

That night, armed with her newfound knowledge, the little girl approaches her mother. She confidently announces her mother’s age – 32.

The baffled mother can’t help but ask how she discovered this information. To her astonishment, the little girl also shares her mother’s weight – 140 pounds.

Intrigued and now astonished, the mother wants to know how her daughter obtained this confidential information.

With a victorious smile, the little girl reveals the reason for their divorce – her mother’s “F” grade in a subject called “sex.”

Kids have an incredible ability to perceive and understand more than we may give them credit for. Their innocence often leads to amusing and unexpected conversations.

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