A nun and a priest were crossing the Sahara Desert on a camel…

A nun and a priest were crossing the Sahara Desert on a camel…

On the third day out the camel suddenly dropped dead from exhaustion. The nun and the priest surveyed their situation and after a long period of silence, the priest spoke.

„Well, Sister, this looks pretty grim.”

„I know, Father. In fact, I don’t think it likely that we will survive more than a day or two.”

„I’m afraid I agree”, said the priest and then he added hesitantly, „Sister, since we are unlikely to make it out of here alive, would you mind doing something for me?”

„Anything, Father.”

„I have never seen a woman’s breasts and I was wondering if I might see yours.”

„Well, under the circumstances I don’t see that it would do any harm.”

The nun opened her habit and the priest enjoyed the sight of her shapely breasts, commenting frequently on their beauty.”

„Father, could I ask something of you?”

„Yes, Sister?”

„I have never seen a man’s private part. May I possibly I see yours?”

„I suppose that would be OK,” the priest replied lifting his robe.

„Oh Father, may I touch it?”

The priest reluctantly consented and after a few moments he found he was quite aroused.

„Sister,” he whispered, „Do you know that if I insert this in exactly the right place, it can produce life?”

„Is that really true, Father?”

„Yes, it is, Sister.”

„Well then quick! Stick it in that camel and let’s get the hell out of here!”

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