A couple had come to the upscale restaurant, but the woman started screaming at the waitress, wanting her to be fired.

Does the customer always have the right? Does going to a restaurant give you the right to humiliate the people who work there? I hope not!

This is the story of a girl who worked as a waitress in a restaurant! The story was told by her, let’s listen:

“I was lucky to find a job at an upscale restaurant!

Even though I don’t hear very well with my left ear, and not at all with my right ear, I was given a chance to work here. I wear a hearing aid, so I can hear almost everything that is said to me very clearly.

But one day, an elderly couple came to have dinner.

Me: I’m glad you chose our restaurant! Are you ready to order? Wife: Call the manager, NOW!

Me: One moment. Maybe I can help you myself? Wife: No!

So, I had to go and call the manager.

Manager: Good evening! How can I assist you?

Wife: Why do your employees wear headphones? Are they listening to music? We pay a lot of money here, and believe me, we deserve perfect service! This is not acceptable!

Everyone in the restaurant froze.

Manager: Our waitstaff knows they are not allowed to wear headphones.

But if you notice anyone breaking this rule, please let me know. I guarantee that person will be fired!

Wife: Please. It’s her!

The woman pointed at me.

Manager: I’m sorry. Her behavior is beyond any limit. Wife: I agree!

Manager: I was talking about you! Your behavior is inappropriate! The waitress is wearing a hearing aid.

I kindly ask you to leave this restaurant and never come back!

The woman’s husband did not support her at all. The enraged woman left the restaurant in a fit of anger.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who defended me! Thank you!”

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